The Rapid Deployable Surveillance System (RDSS) is a mobile surveillance tool that can be easily set up, and then maneuvered to a strategic height on a utility pole, flagpole, tree or other vertical structure. This innovative product not only expands law enforcement surveillance capabilities, but is versatile enough for civilian applications such as property management, vehicle yard security and more. In any use scenario, the RDSS can be quickly deployed, operated and recovered by one person.

In one design format, when the RDSS is applied to a pole its unique axle and wheel system allow it to climb to a desired height. Multiple cameras, which can come in different formats, broadcast their reception to a remote device, like a laptop or smartphone. That same device controls the RDSS, including its height and camera operation.

In other design formats, built without the internal mechanics, the RDSS can be deployed upon a flagpole, in a tree, on a post, etc. all by hoisting and lowering it by rope. It’s simple, and the design options ensure there’s multiple price points!

The RDSS was designed by a combat veteran, who is an active law-enforcement officer, to provide remote and discreet surveillance in a format that is quick to set up, quick to take down and doesn’t require immense funding and manpower. The RDSS meets these goals by allowing surveillance operations to get safely and quickly underway without the need for vans, towers and expensive command centers.

With this new and needed concept law enforcement and military personnel can overcome the limitations of permanently-mounted security cameras, and civilians can watch over their loved ones and property with confidence.

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