James Martinez is currently looking for a qualified company to manufacture and distribute the Gravity Gluv under a licensing agreement.

Don’t lose your fasteners!

Applying nuts, bolts and other fasteners can be bit difficult sometimes. But have you ever dropped one in the process? It sure makes things a whole lot harder, especially when you have to retrieve that small bolt from a tight spot. It wastes time, and it increases labor costs. Don’t even think about the aggravation that stems from this too-common occurrence. With my new product all of that’s about to change! Read on to learn more.

Inventor James Martinez is proud to present the Patent Pending Gravity Gluv for review by your company!


The Gravity Gluv holds fasteners in wrenches, sockets and screwdrivers until their application is complete. And it does better, more effectively and eve... Read more


The Gravity Gluv can be cost effectively mass produced in a modern factory setting using existing technology and production methods. A mec .... Read more


Please find below Pertinent Marketing Facts pertaining to the Gravity Gluv. The Gravity Gluv provides these benefits to very desirable consumers... Read more

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