Ray’s Trays are durable and aesthetically-pleasing shelves that can be easily attached to and removed from the railings of porches, balconies, decks and patios. With these innovative trays you can enjoy the convenience of a stable table top without occupying useable space in these typically small areas.

With Ray’s Trays there’s no need to risk your food and drink by placing it on the ground or balancing it on the railing; no need to cram additional tables in the already limited space. Just set up Ray’s Trays in the location of your choice.

Better yet, there’s no risk of marring or even damaging the railing, unlike other attachable shelves. Ray’s Trays don’t apply over the porch rail, which can cause scratches and gouges. And there are no nails, screws or adhesives required. Its unique design allows Ray’s Trays to be applied vertically, and at a desired height, without risking the appearance and integrity of the railing.

About half of all U.S. homes have porches, decks and balconies that can benefit from this product, and about three-quarters of these households use those outdoor areas for regular social gatherings. This equates to a huge, able and avid consumer market just waiting to buy Ray’s Trays for their next party, backyard BBQ, or quiet time on the balcony.

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